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Shot by @soteeoh after a motivating build.
BriskInTheHouse “Is Searching For Satorii” (November 2012)
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BriskInTheHouse “Seltzerr” video coming soon.
BriskInTheHouse “Searching For Satorii” mixtape artwork

BriskInTheHouse - 14K Interlude | Official Music Video

Produced By: Satorii
Edited by: @faz_be
Shot by: Vibe Productions 

Album: Searching For Satorii

BriskInTheHouse: Is Searching For Satorii - 
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?uhj1urnh67n…


BriskInTheHouse “Spliffss” Prod. By Satorii

Off of BriskInTheHouse Presents: GOODxJESUS - Aquarian Gospels dropping spring 2013.

BriskInTheHouse - ViolettSmoke | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


Dir.By Owen Captures & Soteeoh


Off “BriskInTheHouse: Is Searching For Satorii”


DOWNLOAD LINK - http://www.mediafire.com/?uhj1urnh67n6asa

BriskInTheHouse “Seltzerr” dir by Owen Captures | Visual Effects by SoTeeOh

BriskInTheHouse “14k Interlude” Prod. By Satorii

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